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I was extremely lucky, that I had the chance to grow up with all kinds of animals. I grew up in South America, where I did not only have normal pets, but also exotic animals like kinkajous, apes, from cockatoos, lovebirds to macaws. Snakes like the boa constrictor where also a regular site. We had a farm, in the Amazon from Ecuador. During this time, I remember, that the local residents brought us orphanage animals, after their hunt, so that we can nurse them back to health and release them back to nature.

To minimize human contact, telepathic communication between the animals was very important. I often got signs from animals about e.g. smells, images, tastes, feelings, noises or objects that enabled me to identify and localize their pain or their needs. So we were able to help accordingly at the time.

As an adult, there comes a time when you no longer notice the skills that we all have mastered. At that moment, Chester (my Weimaraner) came into my life. Thanks to him, I was able to awaken the language and the healing of the animals. He made me aware that we just have to be open to our feelings, thoughts and hearts to our fellow beings and creatures, this beautiful earth, nature, animals and people have to offer.

My goal is, through my ability to communicate with your pets, give them the radiant, and positive energy that Reiki can offer, so that you and your best friend live in joy, harmony and love together.

Sianna Amistad Koch
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