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Healing Hands

Today I will not be angry
Today I will not worry
Today I will be grateful
Today I will do my work honestly
Today I will be kind to every living thing

("The Reiki Principles" nach Mikao Usui)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique form of energetic treatment, that reduces stress, but also promotes relaxation and healing. Reiki is the life energy that flows through us all.

With the Reiki treatment, light application of the hands transfers energy to the body, objects, plants, animals and anything else you want through the energy field of the person that is being treated.

Reiki restores an emotional, physical and energetic balance and promotes relaxation, well-being and harmony on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Reiki for me is a massage for the soul.

» I was dealing with repeated instances of melanoma (and the attendant depression and anxiety) when I met Sianna. Her positive energy and Reiki skills buoyed my spirits, focused me on what's important, and helped me stay free of cancer for over three years. Her healing is the (missing) human component that compliments medical treatment and made me whole and healthy. Highly recommended! «


» Sianna and I crossed paths several times on different occasions and different parts of the world and every single time she had a massive impact on the paths of my life. Sianna has a sense for her environment and a way to feel and absorb animals, people and situations, like no other. She helped me cure my horses in dubai by using her energies and reiki experience, she helped me through a postnatal depression and her latest support was throughout my house sale. Sianna is able to pass on energies and confidence through her love, support and prayers and I will be forever grateful for everything she has helped me through. She has become a dear friend, family, substitute mother figure and role model in her way of navigating through life and looking at the world. If you ever find yourself in a spiral in your life that you struggle to move forward from, let her guide you, whether it's on a private or personal level. «


» The very first time I came to know of Reiki was from a very compassionate and caring friend, Sianna, a Reiki expert. After confiding to Sianna about my work-related pressures and stress, Sianna offered to help me via Reiki to handle my anxiety and induce relaxation plus develop general well-being. I have received Reiki from Sianna from time to time and it has certainly given me a lot of emotional support, inner peace and kept me positive during difficult times. I continue to request Reiki from Sianna. Her holistic approach in sending Reiki has definitely worked for me keeping me happier both professionally and personally. Thank you and bless you Sianna for your healing touch. «


Where I was allowed to help ...

Cognac Binx Zee Castle
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... and Twix!
Sianna Amistad Koch
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