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Fee Basis

Animal communication

I am very happy to have the opportunity to communicate with your beloved pet and companion. Please bring a current picture of your pet with you, to the agreed appointment.

For a telephone consultation or via Skype, please send me a current picture of the animal by e-mail or WhatsApp to:

Sianna Amistad Koch
+49 176 8411 3233
+32 468 53 70 93

The fee for 50 minutes is € 75 (every additional minute will be agreed upon before the consultation).

Reiki for animals

All treatments include a preliminary and a follow-up discussion. The Reiki treatment always depends on the animal and how long the animal can be treated.

The fee for 45 minutes is € 60.

Reiki per telepathy treatment technique

There is also the option of giving remote Reiki treatments. This is a plus for shy, infected and / or dangerous patients.

The fee for 20 minutes is € 25.

Please understand that I will invoice appointments that are not kept or canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

Sianna Amistad Koch
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