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What is Cleansing?

When I was a child, I had several interesting experiences that opened my eyes to a world that exists within us.

I was about 12 years old, when I was woken up by my Grandfather, Jose. It was dark outside, and I don't remember looking at the watch. But I knew it was early in the morning. He came to say goodbye. He touched my cheek and gave me a kiss. I was half-asleep, and I told my grandfather that it's nice seeing him again, and I wish him a nice Journey. The next morning, I told my mother that Grandfather Jose came to see me last night, and he said that he was going on a Journey. My mother said, that is impossible, since our grandfather leaves in Cuba, and it is no way he could have come see you. That evening my Grandmother called us from Cuba, saying that Grandfather Jose has passed away.

Even then, I had a certain idea that other powers and energies exist, even if I could not explain or understand them. My grandma always said that it was a form of spiritual clarity. Since then, many doors have opened up to me for questions that I would never have thought of.

"Cleansing" or "Spiritual detachment" of energies, for me is a mixture of uncertainty between death and reality of the human spirit and energy. It is a world in between earth and the universe. It is a world full of mysteries and magic of the unknown. Sometimes the energy of the spirits that we do not want to understand nor perceive. But we know it is there.

"Cleansing" deals with the energy bad or good, that affects the house, place, situation, people, animals and energies within us. In some cases in a negative way. Especially sensitive people, animals, in sickness, unhappy, stressed or depressed. For example, energies in houses where the previous residents were unhappy, filled with anger, violence, or even death entities. There is also the possibility that deceased relatives, friends, ghosts, or ancestors of the place cling to objects and the surroundings of the loved once after their death. This too can create restlessness and dissatisfaction within the residence of the property, place or space they are staying in. There are also occasions where jealousy can bring bad energy so called "The evil Eye". This too can create restlessness within us, bad luck, and we do feel it but we don't take it seriously. This also can be treated and protected by cleansing and bringing and thinking positive. "Bad energy feeds on bad energy."

In all these cases it is important not to be afraid but to respond to negativity with strength and positive thoughts.

As an alternative, there are many methods for driving away and clean up these energies, with fragrances, saying prayers, and thinking positive and asked them nicely to leave. I can talk away and cleans these energies away.

The study of the paranormal phenomenon is my fascination, and I will never give up on my search of the unknown. I am aware, that "cleansing" is of course not a scientifically proven to solve any of the unknown and paranormal phenomenon that we experience once in a while in our lives. Nerveless, there are forces in our beautiful mysterious world that we simply do not understand yet, but they do exist.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited." (Albert Einstein)

» Un trabajo excelente... varios acontecimientos hacían desde hace tiempo que mi vida tuviera malas experiencia y vivencias, claro está que es parte de los altibajos de la misma... pero lo que no era normal es que esta sucesión o esta mala racha fuera tan intensa y en un período muy corto de tiempo... casi como por arte de magia estos acontecimientos empezaron a desaparecer gracias al recibir la terapia de Reiki de Siana... una limpieza de mi persona y de mi casa hicieron que mi vida cambiara. De las cosas positivas que más recuerdo es volver a domir profundo, largo y relajado... mil gracias Siana, cien por cien recomendable «


» I met with Sianna on the morning of the day that I moved into my new flat and she gave me a tarot card reading. She foresaw the mixture of anxiety and excitement I would feel throughout the day and told me that the angel that had chosen me would help ease my anxiety if I remembered to visualise the colour purple. Later when I felt anxious, my vision was vividly clouded with purple and I felt an overwhelming wave of calmness and relaxed instantly. The feeling was very overpowering and surreal but also made me feel safe and at ease. I am extremely grateful to Sianna for her guidance and support because without her help I would have struggled to settle into my new home. «

Sianna Amistad Koch
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